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Meet your Baker

D'Delicious Delicacies was founded by me, Nikki B, a celebrity baker. I am a Virgin Island native, living in South Florida, that grew a passion for baking from helping my granny as a child. We would bake cakes, tarts and breads for every special occasion in our family. The way the aroma of the fresh homemade goods would fill up the house, some how would put me at peace. And the wholesome expression on someones face when they would eat a slice of one of my cakes, simply priceless. As an adult, those two things remained the same. In 2015, I decided to take a leap of faith to start my own bakery business. Already having a bachelors in Business made the process easy. 

I founded my bakery on the strength of the things I learned from my granny and what I taught myself through taking classes to perfect my craft. My goal is to provide fresh and delicious from scratch cakes and classic desserts to our clients with an island flair; while providing exceptional customer service and experience. I bake with the freshest ingredients from the best stores. I even cater to the diabetic and vegan community because I believe everyone should have a little sweetness in their lives. I dedicate my entire day to fulfilling each order to perfection so that each customer can enjoy my delicacies without error. 

I also offer carved cakes and dessert tables for special occasions like birthdays, baby showers and corporate events/meetings. I have a team that assists me in executing detailed treats and table set ups. 

Ms. Dee Party

 Do you remember your birthday as a kid when everyone gathered around you and your cake to sing 'Happy Birthday'? You felt special and loved didn't you? That's because birthdays are special and it reminds you how blessed you are to see another year with your family and friends. For me, there wasn't a year that my mom didn't get me a birthday cake. She always made sure I knew how special and loved I was, even if it was just with a small cake. Unfortunately, in America there are 12 million single parent families. Whether the household is headed by a father or a mother, being a single parent you occasionally have to make sacrifices for your family. Sometimes that sacrifice is a birthday celebration for your son or your daughter. We can only imagine how heartbreaking this can be. But here at D'Delicious Delicacies we believe in helping those that are trying to help themselves. No matter our circumstances every child deserves to feel special on their birthday. Each month we would like to help one family celebrate their son/daughter's birthday at no cost to the family.

 Please see below for requirements.  


Live in the Bi-County Area (Broward/Miami-Dade)

Child must be 18 years or younger and still in grade school.

One month advance notice

Email your story to .

Be sure to include: 

  • Who you are?
  • Your story?
  • Your son/daughter's name.
  • Your son/daughter's birthday celebration wish.

Once we have received your email, we will respond letting you know what is included and the next step will be .